Muhammad Ali-Tyson-Roberto Duran (Story of my 1st Medal)

Son can you show the guests the medal you won. It was probably the 100th time, my dad asked me to show the medal. It was probably the best thing I had done for him in my 21 years of life.

Yet I could not share the happiness with him. It was a bronze medal in boxing for a State Championship. I had grafuated in commerce with not so great grades. I was not interested in doing anything with my life at that point. I was whiling away my time . The only thing I used to do religiously was go for my boxing trainings morning and evening. It was a tough ride towards training centre around 10 miles to and fro. I used to do that 2 times a day. And it was extremely tiring , training and riding my bicycle back to my house.

I used to be passionate about boxing.Before that I used to practice taekwondo the korean martial.So boxing to me was to be just a martial art where I used hands instead of my legs. I enrolled myself as a participant in the State Championships. It was great feeling to be participating. So the weigh in got over a day before the bouts and I was in my perfect weight of 60 kgs. A weight which will never be mine ever after that day. I was waiting for my first bout, when I got the news that my opponent has withdrawn from the bout and I got a bye.

So I was feady for my second bout. This time the participant did turn up. He looke like a tough opponent. Ripped muscles and a experienced fighter. It was at that time my coach realised that I was a south paw. He was furious I didn’t let him know that as I was practicing right handed all the time. Anyway he swallowed his anger and motivated me for the bout.

So the first round started. I was motivated by 3 boxers during my foray towards this sport. Mike Tyson, Roberto Duran and Mohammed ali. I had watched lot of videos about them and I wanted to be like them. All in one. I Wanted to dance like a butterly like Ali, Do the uppercut like Mike Tyson and out punch everyone like Roberto Duran. So I used up everything I saw in the videos during the 1st round. I had a lethal jab with my left hand and a weak right hand punch. So first round was definitely mine as I landed lot of jabs on my opponent. I had definitely got this round.

Feeling super confident in the second round, i was wanting to dance like Ali. So my defence went down and I started dancing in the ring, like Ali. The referee said stop dancing and start fighting. So I went forward with my guard down. And thats the last thing I remember. Bam a right hook landed on my face.My knees felt weak and I was dazed amd found it difficult to get my bearings right. The refree started the count and I got up with my knees still weak. Refree stopped the fight. Its a technical knockout . I landdd 20 punches and he landed just one. My dreams of being Alimikeroberto went down in 3 minutes.

But live has its own twists and turns. There were only 4 participants in my weight category. So everyone won a medal. I got a bronze medal and I was embarassed because I won a medal without winning a bout. My father reached the venue just as the medal ceremony was starting. He saw his son recieving a medal, the first time he saw me getting one. The fun fact is that only the son knew how he won the medal. And thats a secret I was not about to reveal.

So everytime I was asked to show the medal in front of family, friends and relatives I showed it with pride. I did not reveal the true story behind the medal, but sureounded my medal journey with lot of tall stories

The fact remains that as a parent it was my dads proudest moment. Something he could share with his buddies. As years passed by , i realised how we take pride in our childrens achievements however small . I am sure my daughters are going through the same process as I had with ny father. ” Kid , please show the medal you have won”.

An achievement, however small it is , can be a prpud mownt for anyone. All we need is to cherish those moments.

Anger of the past and My ways of dealing with it.

So anger is one of the subjects I write about while in anger.Sarcasm intentionally intended. I have been trying to take away anger from life and that’s the reason I tried writing about it. But the more I try to control my anger the more I get angry especially when I think of the people who hurt me. These people and incidents come in my mind on and off. Every time I think about them or the incidents, I see myself talking to myself in anger. I am not sure why I do that. Those people mean nothing to me, yet when I think of the hurt they caused I see myself getting angry. I have this fictional conversation with them where I am getting angry at them.

I dont know what gets into me when I think of them and why they are coming into my thoughts. Sometimes I feel that I have made a list of all the enemies in my list and I go back to the list every time when I am alone. Its like the list of people who I feel have wronged and I go back to the list, bash them and go back to my real world feeling happy about myself. Maybe such things have affected me so much that I am unable to let it go.

So when are the times I dont get this flash of anger.

  1. I dont think about it , when I am busy. Maybe thats the thing I should do. I should make myself so busy that I dont have time to think about anything. Get my focus right.
  2. I should spend more time with my family. Lot of things to be done when I am with them. I dont have time to think about the people who have angered me.
  3. Exercise. I feel when I am doing this, I Feel my muscles more than those who angered me.
  4. Cleaning house might help me. Its like a good therapy taking dirt away from the house is like cleansing my mind.
  5. Cooking might help. I am sure I dont want to myself distracted with the past and spoil the dish.

There are lot of things which can be done, but the fact remains is that if the Anger is there inside me then I have to find a way to deal with it. So maybe the anger from the past needs to be erased. Maybe I should understand that Life is not permanent and things can change. I feel the more I get angry , more worse person I become. So I want to wait for it to pass away.

Why cant we be like babies?

Why cant we be like babies, spoken from a babies view point.

We dont care for the world,

We dont care if we have money or not,

We dont care if food is on the plate or not

We dont care if you smile at us or not

We dont care if you have money or not

We dont care if you are black or white

We dont care if you are happy or not

We dont care if are young or old

We dont care if we fail or not

We dont if the sweets put on the counter is high or not

We dont cant care if we cant dance or not

We don’t care if we cant draw or not

We dont care if there are no toys to play or not

We dont care if you just scolded me or not

For everything jappening in this world, we dont keep it in mind . We dont take things to heart. We smile to make pthers happy. We cry when we dont get things our way. But we dont give up and dont fret about it. We dont wait for things to happen, we make it happen. We have lot of patience and dont give up easily.

If we all could have a spirit like babies , the world could be a better place.

I lost my job. What should I do??

So after working for 18 long years, you suddenly get news that your service is no longer needed. Its not a great feeling to being told that ‘ you are a great employee. Unfortunately the company is going through some changes and you are not part of that plan”. The words were told to me by my friend and colleague and I am sure that woukd have been difficult for him to do so as our families are close too.

It took time for me to collect my thoughts and get my bearings right. My mind was filled with thoughts. So what were my thoughts:

1. Anger. How the hell could i be asked to leave?. Howwwww

2. Pity: After anger came self pity. How could I be asked to leave?. I am a good person.

3. Helplessness: What will happen to me and my family?. How will we survive???.

4. Tears: A tear did appear. Afterall I am human too.

5. Acceptance : Once I went through the 4 stages I began to slowly accept the reality that I dont have a job.

Lot of thoughts were running through my mind the whole day. But once the reality sinked in , I begin to ask myself, what shoukd I be doing. The first thing which I decided to do was to call my spouse and let her know about it.

The reaction of my spouse was refreshing. She said ” so what my dear, you can spend more time with your family “. What a great thing to say. It made me realise how much my family missed me. In the rush to make money, I forgot the reason I was earning money was for my family. Another thing she said was that the savings we had wpukd last us for few years. So there was no need to look for work immediately.

With the above vote of confidence from my spouse, I set about thinking on what my future plan is going to be .

One thing I was sure that I don’t want to be working for anyone That I am sure. I don’t want go through this process again. Working hard on somebody else’s dreams and once it’s fulfilled , being let go. I wanted to be independent.

So Help me Out WordPress members. What should I do?

Empowerment The Key To Good Customer Service

I and my family were put on a holiday. We had booked a room in one of the best resorts and was looking forward to a good holiday. We arrived at our hotel and after finishing our Check In procedures were taken to our room. Yes I know thats normal. But I have to build up the story 😂.

The bell boy helped us with our luggage and on upon reaching the room, he opened the door for us. He was showing us the room when he realised that the room has not been prepared as per his hotels standards. He turned towards us and told us apologetically ” Sir, i am extremely sorry to say that the room is not in proper shape. I will change the room for you”.

He quickly made a phone call to his superior and informed him about the problem. He then took us to the new room and told me ‘ we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We have got you a new room and its an upgrade. Please enjoy your stay”.

Well needless to say, we liked to room. But we kept repeating to ourselves ” The bell boy had the power to change the room and give us an upgrade. The company had empowered him to make a decision. He didnt have to wait for the approval from his superior. He took the decision. What a wonderful company where all employees speak the same language when it comes to customer service.

I have done lots pf workshops on cuatomer service. Companies spend top dollars on such trainings with the aim to improveon customer service. But igs the same story after the training. Employees dont have the courage to make a decision as they havero get it approved from their superiors. Amd thats the worst thing when it comes tp customer service. Customer having to wait for a decision in their favour.

And if you dont give the power to your employees to make a decision, the customer service scores of your company will never improve. So before you spend money sending your employees for Customer Service training programs, please ask yourself if you are willing to Empower your employees to make a decision

The hotel which I refer in my article is Taj Hotels Goa.

Please do plan your next visit there.

Top things I do once I come back from a business trip

I travel a lot for work. Its a bane and boon. Boon is that I get some ME time to do few things I like to do. But when I come my family who has missed me ( they really miss me) demands my attention. There are lot of things to be done. Below is a list I do when I come back.

1. Hug my wife and babies. After I come back from a trip , the tiredness of my travel is taken away by the hugs from my wife and 2 daughters. Nothing recharges your body like a HUG. I hereby declare that everyone should hug their family atleast once a day and once before sleeping.

2. Take my little baby who is one and a half year old from my wife. My little baby misses me the most. So i take her away from my wife and help my baby and wife to sleep. My wife is super tired taking care of the baby .So its only nice to get my deposits in my wifes good husband bank high.

3. Laundryyy. I am the laundry man of the house. I love doing this. Clothes used in my trip needs my attention. And my elder daughters too. She forgets to get her clothes washed during weekends and i end up doing this. But I love it.

4. Grocery shopping. Imporant thing to be done. Otherwise no food for the week. I dont slack on it either.

5. No cooking day. Its a strict policy in my house. Weekend is for everyone. So no cooking, just lazing around. Everyone gets a holiday on weekends. So its usually a take out or going out to eat.

After all this if there is time and if she is fully relaxed then some time for a massage maybe. Who knows I might get lucky.

In the end , if we are working for the family, its important to spend time with them. Otherwise whats the purpose of our lives.

My Life As A Door to Door Sales Man

What job can a go getter, extrovert, wanting to please everyone, sportsman and a recently graduated young man do. The answer cam loud and clear from the Cousin who was an inspiration young man. A salesman is what you can be. It suits your life goals. And on the way you can make lots of money.

So off I went to the first job I could find. Selling fire extinguishers door to door. It was a daunting task ,but I was a enthusiast. We were trained during the course that 9 rejections equals one acceptance. So I was all ready every day to hear 9 people reject my product, so that I can make a fantastic presentation to the 10th prospect in order to get a YES. It might sound funny, but young minds are easy to program. And I believed every word the trainer said. Yes there were promises by the company that you can be a millionaire if you sell consistently 300% over the budget for next 3 years.

At the end of the training program, we were given a kit filled with stock to sell. The manager gave a motivating speech about his life and how he achieved, what we all wanted to achieve. We were each given a territory and targets. I went to my territory and went to do my first call. I entered the business premises with the intention of using my new found enthusiasm and confidence in accepting a rejection. Then I found myself frozen. My mind was saying yes to meet the owner of the business enterprise, but my body doe sent seem to move. I quickly rushed out and retreated quietly to the nearest tea shop quickly. I realised that mind programming did not work on me and I was shit scared of the rejection.

Anyway after lot of effort of trying to meet someone and making a presentation, I made my first call after 2 days. Yes it took me 2 days to find the courage to make my first sales call. It was like to trying to take cold shower bath. You let the cold water fall on your body for 3 seconds and you rush out of the shower , soaped, scrubbed and washing off the soap in world record time. I mumbled my presentation and asked for a order. I was thrown out the business premise in world record time. I consoled myself by saying ” They didn’t understand the concept of portable fire extinguishers.”

Door to Door selling also involved selling to households. This brings out its own charm. You ring the bell, put a smile, straighten your tie, waiting for the door to open . When the door opens , you try to impress the person in from of you with your presentation.Based on your presentation skills or their mood , you will get them to listen to you or have the door slammed on your face. Sometimes the door opens and you dont see anyone in front of you. That’s strange maybe a ghost opened in the door, till you realise that it is a child who has opened the door. The Child is the king of the house and acts like a bully to strangers. Who are you?, What do you want? they ask. Before you answer you hear from the back ground, the parent asking the child–Who the hell is on the door?, Who are you are chatting with? , Didn’t I tell you all strangers are kidnappers?. So by the time you are trying to answer the child’s question with your best smile, the door gets slammed on your face.

Few others experiences in this horrible world of direct selling involves, opening the gate of a villa and trying to get to the front door, you hear a growling sound. Those bastards have not put a sign ” Beware of dogs” and you are kind of stuck between the front gate and the front door, thinking to yourself, today is the day I have to run for my life. So you run like Usain Bolt as fast as you can to save yourself bitten by the dog. Sometimes you met a old army veteran, who is kind enough to ask you politely in a gentlemanly way Who are you and What is your purpose of your visit?. And when you speak about your purpose, you get the marching orders ” Above turn , quick march I say”. A very polite way of saying Fuck off.

My door to door selling career lasted exactly 6 months. My parents were not sure what I am doing. All they could see is their boy going out early in the morning and coming back late in the night.And if he did not hit the target, he got his travel allowance cut and earning only 40 percent of the income he was promised by the company. So that ended my career in Door To Door Selling. A great training ground fo a youngster, but a lousy income generator.